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In Swaziland we work with Pastor Schalk van der Merwe of Power of Hope Ministries,  together with the Moriah Centre in the town of Big Bend, Swaziland.

logo moriah centre
The Moriah Center is a day-care and teaching facility for orphans.
The children receive three meals a day if they stay in their classes and follow the lessons.
This is to help them fend for themselves. We have already helped a few jobs in the centre.
Here we are painting a trellis for a window.
Pastor Schalk and Jos have welded it, now to finish and then install..

People from the church, asked to help with painting the classrooms.
And we also get a new roof on the building.
We regularly hold outreaches in the area. And sometimes thousands of people come to it.
There are always many people who accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

We also share food during these outreaches.

This man was so grateful he was on his knees just for a little food.

This is really doing something to you when you see it with your own eyes.
The experience first hand is so different from hearing or seeing things on TV.
We can feed many of people with just a little. Here we fed 300 people with only € 7.50! We challenge you to go on one of our missions trips. These trips can really change your life completely. The sight of poverty, hunger and disease touches you deeply, but the feeling that you can do something about it is really empowering. Many of these people are very poor, but often seem happier than we are. The mortality rate in Swaziland is higher than the birthrate. The people really need the hope, love and life found in Jesus Christ alone. There is nothing worse than dying without a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is why we go to the ends of the earth to preach the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ. We happily also go to the smallest villages where few people live because even there are people God loves andwants to reache

 We go where the streets have no names